Broken Chanter - Catastrophe Hits (Vinyl & CD) (PRE-ORDER)

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  • Broken Chanter - Catastrophe Hits (Vinyl & CD) (PRE-ORDER)

Preorder: released 29/10/21

David MacGregor returns with his second Broken Chanter LP. Recorded in early 2021 at Chem 19 studios, Catastrophe Hits finds MacGregor in his usual externally- and self-reflective mood.

An album filled to the brim with sharp pop sensibility, rousing bangers, and sublime gentler moments, Catastrophe Hits follows on from the atmospheric, critically-acclaimed eponymous debut released in 2019 with aplomb. Catastrophe Hits is jam-packed with hooks and humour and will be released into the world in October 2021 on vinyl and CD.

This is a joint release with Last Night From Glasgow